Parent/Child Dedication

Parent childdedication

This is a way to follow the example of Joseph and Mary, who dedicated Jesus at the Temple soon after birth (Luke 2:22). And it is an opportunity to dedicate you, as parents, to the high calling of raising your child(ren) in a home that honors God.

When a child is dedicated to Christ at SMCC, it is your way of saying, “Lord, this child is Yours. I will raise this child to know You and Your ways.”

We would like each parent to make this pledge before God and others with integrity. No one is a perfect parent; we all know that. But what we would like you to consider is this, “Do I already embrace my faith in Christ in such a way that I’m taking steps toward full devotion to and full delight in Him?” We ask that the parents who choose to dedicate their children to God also be willing to promise God that they will provide a home where Christ is exalted by their own example.

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